Is It Time to Change Your Car’s Air Filter?

Comparison new and used air filter for car with engine bachground.

Your car’s engine depends on a precise combination of fuel and air. The cleaner both are, the cleaner—i.e., more efficient—the burn…meaning you get more miles from every tank of gas. Air filters are essential to keeping the air that reaches your engine clean. But filters only work when they are clean—is yours?

The Cost of Dirty Air Filters

When air filled with impurities reaches your engine, much of what is combusted in the piston chamber are the impurities…but they don’t “pack much punch” in terms of powering your vehicle. The results?

  • Reduced acceleration
  • Reduced fuel economy

You spend more time and money at the pump when you drive with a clogged air filter.

Routine Air Filter Maintenance

Air filters are listed in every manufacturer’s recommended service intervals, although intervals are different for each make. For example, many Ford vehicles recommend engine air filter changes every 30,000 miles while many Chevy vehicles call for changes every 45,000 miles.

Quanz Auto Body can look up your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended engine air filter schedule based on the make, model and year of your car. Just call us. It’ll take just a few minutes, and if you’re due for a change, you can schedule that during the same call.

The Other Air Filter

The engine air filter is not the only air filter on your vehicle. There’s also a cabin air filter that controls cabin air quality. In general, cabin air filters require more frequent changes—usually every 15,000 to 25,000 miles. Again, call Quanz Auto Body to get your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended interval. Cabin air filters can easily be changed during any routine oil change or other service.