Your “Check Engine” Light is On. Now What?

It’s the moment every driver dreads. You are cruising along when you notice an illumination on your dashboard that wasn’t there before—it’s the “Check Engine” light. Now what do you do?

Common Reasons for “Check Engine” Warnings

First: don’t panic. There are dozens of reasons why your “Check Engine” light went on. Common diagnostic codes include:

  • Emissions—this code is often the result of a loose gas cap that allows air into the fuel system. Too high of an oxygen to fuel ratio will trigger sensors. Tightening up the gas cap may be the only fix you need.
  • Misfiring cylinders—if your engine timing is off, your fuel efficiency and engine health are compromised. Continuing to drive a long time with this issue can lead to major engine problems. Early detection can minimize repairs and expense.

Of course, your “Check Engine” light may be the result of malfunctioning sensors, and there’s really nothing wrong at all. The only way to know, though, is to have your car’s diagnostic codes checked.

Take Your Car to Quanz Auto Body

We know that Quanz Auto Body is not the only place you can have your vehicle’s diagnostic codes checked for free. But if you have the techs at an auto parts store do it, then what?

When you take your car to the ASE-certified mechanics at Quanz Auto Body, we know what to do next. We have the advanced equipment to run more advanced diagnostics (if necessary), and we have the expertise to provide the mechanical repairs you need to ensure engine performance and health.

We provide free estimates, work with your insurance provider for maximum coverage (if eligible) and have car rental on-site and a courtesy shuttle to make sure you have a ride back to home or work.

Sure, your “Check Engine” light should not be cause for panic, but it is not a warning to ignore either. As soon as it goes on, pull in to Quanz Auto Body for quality mechanical repairs and unmatched customer service.