Making Sense of Collision Repair Costs

Auto body repairs are something that you just can’t (or shouldn’t) DIY. So, you have to leave it to the professionals. But that’s inevitably expensive. What gives?
The cost of collision repairs makes sense when you know what those numbers—especially labor costs—represent. Here’s what you need to know to make sense of your estimate or final bill:

OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

You can’t do collision repairs without the right materials. For most repair jobs, the right materials should be OEM parts—parts used by the vehicle’s manufacturer. While aftermarket parts may be available, typically for less, choosing non-OEM parts may come at the cost of performance, or worse, safety.

Increasing sophistication of computer controls in modern vehicles (and manufacturer’s proprietary claims to that technology) makes it less likely that aftermarket parts producers can create components that do exactly what the original equipment does. One participant at the 2017 NORTHEAST Automotive Services Show, for instance, reported doing a fix for a problem caused by a non-OEM headlight. The car’s computer did not recognize the part, so the dash kept lighting up like a Christmas tree. What may have saved the insurance company (or owner paying out of pocket) a few hundred dollars ended up costing more than $7,000 in diagnostics and re-work labor!*

Skilled Labor

For many collision repair jobs, labor is actually the biggest expense on the estimate or bill. And there’s good reason for that. To get repairs done the right way, the repairer should be a highly qualified technician. And those qualifications reflect the investment of significant time and expense in continued education.

The auto body collision shop at Quanz Auto Body are I-CAR Gold Class certified. This certification requires that technicians complete extensive online/classroom and hands-on training and meet on-going training requirements. This training is not free. Quanz invests thousands of dollars annually to ensure our technicians maintain their skills and credentials. Every labor hour included on the estimate or bill is not an hour provided by just some guy who can turn a wrench. That labor-hour is provided by an experienced professional who also has the knowledge of each auto maker’s recommended way of completing repairs and the practiced skills to execute it.

The result is quality collision repair that not only restores your vehicle’s appearance and performance, but also safeguards crash prevention and protection capabilities and your repair investment.

Chipping in for Environmentally Friendly Operations

Additional line items on your repair estimate or bill may reflect disposal charges for parts and materials. Quanz Auto Body is committed to environmental sustainability, and in the automotive industry, responsible disposal of vehicle parts and fluids typically incurs additional charges. But these charges protect our land, air and water from toxic pollution so that future generations and wildlife do not suffer ill effects of our work.

Quanz Auto Body is here to make your collision repair experience better. So, if you have questions about your repair estimate or bill, we’re here to answer them. Contact us or visit one of our three locations to speak to a service writer for more information.




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