A Work in Progress: The Collision Repair Process, Part 2

Last month we talked about what to expect during the pre-collision repair process. This month, we’d like to take you through the step-by-step process of what happens to your car when it’s in the shop.

Inside the Garage

When we have all of the information and parts necessary to repair your vehicle, here’s what happens:

Step 5: Unibody Repair

If necessary, we will work on restoring your vehicle’s frame to specifications that are compliant with the manufacturer’s prescribed tolerances with our CHIEF Automotive Alignment System. CHIEF enables us to identify both primary and secondary damage to your vehicle’s frame, enabling us to fix alignment problems as small as 6mm! Making sure your frame is properly aligned is necessary to safely operate your vehicle; it ensures that body and structural parts fit how they’re supposed to—and work how they’re supposed to.

Step 6: Structural Repair

Once your frame has been repaired, our team will be able to work on any structural or body repairs necessary. Our team is made up of experienced I-CAR Gold Class certified technicians who will use OEM parts whenever possible.

Step 7: Panel Repair

If you have been involved in a car wreck or collision, replacing factory panels is a likely necessity. When panels need replacement, we make sure the new panels fit perfectly and blend seamlessly with the rest of your vehicle. At Quanz, we don’t just repair your car, we make it look good, too!

Step 8: Quality Control and Testing

Our quality control system is second to none. We will test your vehicle to make sure everything is functioning properly and make sure safety systems, such as your airbag system, are properly reset. It is our goal to make sure that the smallest of details are taken care of with expert repair.

Step 9: Painting and Refinishing

Once all of the structural and body repairs are complete, we will reapply corrosion protection to your vehicle so that it complies with the manufacturer’s standards. Before reassembling your vehicle, we will paint all of the replacement parts to match your vehicle’s factory finish. Our PPG computerized paint mixing system enables us to match your vehicle’s color perfectly!

Step 10: Reassembly and Detailing

After all of your vehicle’s replacement parts have been properly refinished, we’ll reassemble your vehicle, make sure the wheels are properly aligned and repair any lingering mechanical problems. Once all of our work is complete, we will clean it from top to bottom, test drive it and perform a quality inspection. We make sure your vehicle is in pristine condition—aesthetically and functionally—before we turn the keys back over to you.

If you are in need of collision repair in Albuquerque, we hope you’ll stop by. We are honored to serve our community with the highest quality collision repair service—and would love the opportunity to restore your vehicle to its pre-collision condition!