Understanding the Auto Body Collision Repair Process

Sometimes knowing what is going to happen to your car after an accident can help relieve some of the anxiety. When you take your car to Quanz Auto Body in Albuquerque, NM, we move your car through a thorough repair process that is quality controlled every step of the way to ensure we deliver better collision auto body repairs!

Step 1: Estimate and Repair Plan

To begin the auto body collision repair process, we need to see what the job entails. Our estimators thoroughly inspect your vehicle to identify what parts are damaged and calculate the cost of repairs. Our estimators and technicians work together to create a repair plan, outlining in detail what parts are to be repaired or replaced, the order of repair operations, etc.

Quanz Auto Body is a direct repair partner with seven major insurance providers. Our estimates are submitted directly to the insurance company, so there is no need to have a claims adjuster assess the vehicle. This lets us start the actual repairs sooner, minimizing your down time.

Step 2: Prep

Once we know what work needs to be done, we order the necessary parts. We will not schedule service until materials are ready so that you are not unnecessarily without your vehicle. If your vehicle is not drivable, however, you can leave it parked safely on our lot until auto body collision repairs are complete.

Step 3: Disassembly and Re-Inspection

When all materials are ready, our technicians go to work, first taking off outside panels so that we can more carefully inspect for hidden damage. If we find additional damage, we will amend the estimate and submit it to your insurance company. We will order additional parts if necessary. Even if we are not a direct repair partner with your insurance provider, we do as much as possible to limit hassles and back-and-forth claims negotiations for you.

Step 4: Repair

With all damage identified and materials ready, our technicians execute the repair plan—removing dents, replacing panels,  etc.—whatever is needed to restore the functionality and appearance of your vehicle.

Step 5: Paint and Reassembly

When the auto body is aligned and all repaired panels and parts are reassembled, the vehicle goes to our paint booths where we use an eco-friendly waterborne paint system with exceptional color matching capability to color, coat and protect your vehicle.

Step 6: Detailing and Final Inspection

While our job is to perform auto body repairs that restore your car to pre-collision condition, we often deliver it in better than pre-collision condition because after repairs, we detail the vehicle’s exterior and interior. When the evidence of our work has been removed, our full-time quality control technician inspects the vehicle for the final time, checking that all planned repairs were completed and that the work meets our standards for excellence.

As part of our final inspection, our technicians will test drive the vehicle to ensure that our repairs address any issues with safety, function or comfort.

Step 7: Delivery

When our collision auto body repairs are complete, we will notify you that your vehicle is ready for pick up. We will have a copy of our hassle-free warranty ready for you.

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Delaying collision repairs can result in further damage to your auto body and expenses your insurance will not cover. If you need collision repair, contact us to schedule an estimate.

We ensure quality at every step of the collision auto body repair process.
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