Tips for a Comfy Morning Commute

Climbing into a frigid vehicle on a cold morning is no way to start your day. But you don’t have to wrap yourself up like A Christmas Story’s Randy or suffer sub-zero temperatures while your cabin warms up. Here are two (maybe three) great ideas to make warming your car up easier:

  1. Keep your car indoors
    If you have a garage, clear out enough old furniture and Cub Scouts projects to make room for your car or truck. Parking indoors can keep your car warmer. And, as an added bonus, you don’t have to wake up earlier to clear off frost or snow.
  2. Install a remote starter
    You can start your car’s engine without any nip to your nose or fingertips by using a remote starter. These starters use a transponder exactly like a standard key fob. The security system and all the locks will remain active, ensuring your car remains secure as you pre-heat it.

Frosty morningFor safety and fuel economy reasons, only allow your vehicle to idle for five minutes or fewer. Also, do not use a remote starter for vehicles parked in enclosed garages. The build-up of carbon monoxide can be dangerous to car and home occupants.

There is another warmup option, although not a popular one in New Mexico: an engine block heater. Block heaters are plug-in devices that warm your engine and all the fluids in it. A warmed engine starts easier, prevents damage caused by freezing (expanding) fluids and minimizes wear. While these benefits sound great (and they are), the expense and inconvenience of a block heater is just not necessary with New Mexico’s mild winters (in comparison to, say, Minnesota’s or Alaska’s).

If garage parking isn’t possible, contact Quanz Auto Body to find out what option is best for you! We will gladly give you information on remote starters and can give you a quote for an engine block heater.