The 3 Most Common Repairs Auto Body Shops Do

When you think about auto body shops, you’re likely to think about near-complete vehicle rebuilds to repair severe collision damage. But most of the time, the certified techs at Quanz Auto Care are often busy with less-than-catastrophic repairs.

In the course of any given week, the most common repairs we do are:

1. Dent Removal

You don’t have to be in an accident to damage your car. Rocks on the highway can come out of seemingly nowhere and cause a dent, or an abandoned shopping cart can roll into your car door. Often, the damage doesn’t require extensive body or paint repair, but it does need the professional touch to prevent corrosion or other paint deterioration down the road.

2. Paint Repair

Scratches, scrapes, chips, rust, flaking all result from damage to your paint job and can make your car look bad (translation: drag down your vehicle’s resale value). Our certified technicians use a computerized paint matching system and their extensive experience to ensure a perfect color match for all types of paint restoration projects. 

3. Bumper Damage

There are countless ways front and rear bumpers get damaged—fender benders, backing into poles, tapping surrounding vehicles when getting into or out of tight parallel parking spots. Repairs may be as simple as dent removal. But, equally as likely, bumper damage may require complete bumper replacement and with it frame alignment.

Although our techs are often repairing the commonplace, our team has the knowledge, skills and advanced equipment to repair any type of collision damage. We love a challenge, and we love to see you drive away in a safe like-new car. Whether minor or catastrophic, Quanz Auto Care has your collision repair covered. Contact us for a free estimate, better insurance claims management and unbeatable quality.