What Are the Most Common Repairs Auto Body Shops Do?

Damage to your vehicle’s exterior not only looks bad, it can also compromise performance if the issue isn’t addressed as soon as possible. Fortunately, a reliable auto body shop will offer many different services, which can restore the appearance of your vehicle while also ensuring it runs optimally.

Collision Repair

There are numerous components that go into collision repair. Body damage can sometimes lead to hidden issues with your vehicle, which can impact steering and performance. That’s why your repair tech must perform a thorough vehicle inspection, which ensures all problems are readily identified. And once all necessary repairs have been made, the vehicle must then be quality checked before being returned to the customer.

Bumper Repair

Your vehicle’s bumpers can take quite a beating in a collision. Repairs can sometimes fix issues with bumpers, but when damage is substantial the entire part might need to be replaced. Using quality replacement parts is crucial in this case, both for the look of your vehicle as well as the function of your bumpers in the event of future crashes.

Auto Body Painting

Along with body damage, collisions can also ruin your factory paint job. When re-painting a vehicle, finding the right color match is a must. Even a small deviation in the color of the paint used will stand out on your vehicle and diminish its look. The manner in which paint is applied is equally important. If there are problems at any step during the process, the paint job could wear down at a much faster rate.

Paintless Dent Repair

When a collision damages the body of a vehicle but leaves the paint job relatively intact, paintless repair is an option. This technique involves carefully retracting dents and dings in the body without impacting the look of the factory paint. Not only is paintless dent repair more efficient, it can save you money and get your vehicle back to you at a faster pace.

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