Top 10 Most Common Mechanical Repairs

Quanz Auto Body is a full-service mechanical maintenance shop. We do just about everything you can imagine to get and keep a car going—reliably and with optimal fuel economy. While we have the capacity to do advanced diagnostics and figure out mechanical mysteries, most of our work is pretty straight forward because more often than not, you’ll find our ASE-certified technicians working on one of these top 10 most common maintenance issues.

  1. Timing Belt Replacements

Most modern engines use a timing belt to synchronize camshaft rotation so that the engine valves open and close at the right time. That, in turn, allows the proper amount of fuel-air mixture into the piston chamber where it is ignited to generate power.

The timing belt is usually located deep within the engine chamber, so it takes quite a bit of work to remove all the components just to access it. That, unfortunately, makes timing belt replacements one of the pricier maintenance services, but it’s not one you can put off too long. If your timing belt goes, you’re likely to experience catastrophic engine failure quickly…and a new engine will cost significantly more than a timing belt replacement.

Your owner’s manual will indicate how frequently your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends changing the timing belt. For most cars and trucks, timing belts should be changed between 60,000 and 100,000 miles.

  1. Tune ups

Before the days of computer-controlled engines, tune ups were routine service to (re)synchronize major engine functions to ensure cylinders fired at the right time, in the right order, etc. Today, tune ups require less manual re-tuning but more inspection and replacement of the key components to engine performance, including:

  • Spark plug wires
  • Ignition coils
  • Air and fuel filters

During a full tune up, the technicians at Quanz also check a number of other components, including belts, hoses, gaskets, etc. to spot any potential issues early when they are easier and less expensive to fix.

  1. Brake jobs

We prefer that vehicle owners bring their cars to us for brake work at the first sign of squeaking—i.e., when it’s likely only your brake pads need replacement. However, we are equipped to do all types of brake repairs, including:

  • Rotor resurfacing
  • Rotor replacement
  • Inspection and replacement of caliper assembly
  • Inspection and repair of brake lines

During brake work, we also carefully inspect your tire tread for signs of uneven wear and/or bulging, which can indicate other problems that affect control and stopping.

  1. Check engine light diagnosis

Few things can elevate a driver’s blood pressure like the sudden illumination of the “Check Engine” light. We have the diagnostic tools to read the code in a matter of seconds. Often, based on your description of your car’s behavior or history, we may be able to further diagnose the mechanical issue and start preparing a quote for maintenance and repair work.

  1. Alignments

Quanz Auto Body invests in the most sophisticated alignment equipment, and we put it to good use as wheel alignments are among our most in-demand services. Although wheel alignment is not listed in many recommended service schedules, we encourage you to have your alignment checked annually. If it’s been a while since your last alignment, it may also be a good idea to get your wheels aligned before a road trip.

  1. Dash warning lights

Today’s cars and trucks have lots of warning signs, many of which mystify drivers. Quanz Auto Body has the diagnostic equipment to read codes prompting illumination of any dash warning light. Often, there are simple DIY fixes—like inflating your tires or adding oil. But, in the event that more intensive maintenance is required, we have the equipment and know-how to complete the services you need to get back on the road.

  1. Steering vibrations

Understandably, drivers want to keep control of their vehicle at all times. When they experience unexplained vibrations, most drivers are quick to bring their cars to use for inspection. This issue may indicate an issue with the steering system itself, but vibrations may also indicate problems with tires and/or suspension. Whatever it is—we find it and fix it…fast.

  1. Fluid Leaks

Our ASE-certified technicians keep busy identifying the source of fluid leaks that cause pools in your garage or continually trigger some of your dashboard warning lights.

  1. AC/Heat not blowing hot or cold

Interior cabin comfort is a big deal for New Mexico drivers. We do a lot of air conditioning and heating system diagnostics and repairs—and that entails a lot more than just topping off refrigerant. We take the time to find any leaks and dispose of refrigerant properly to ensure eco-friendly operations.

  1. Overheating Engines

Even if your “Check Engine” light doesn’t go on, when you see the engine temperature gauge hit the red or “H”, you know something isn’t right. We check all the most common culprits and, if necessary, run advanced diagnostics to find out what repairs will restore your engine performance.

Is your car or truck experiencing one of the top 10 most common problems? Yes or no, Quanz is the place to go. We handle vehicle maintenance and repair for all makes and models. We provide free written estimates and the convenient services you need, including on-site car rental, while your car in in our care. Contact us to schedule maintenance service today.