Common Winter Car Problems

Winter poses unique risks to your vehicle. Not only do icy roads contribute to accidents, but the cold weather itself can cause damage to your car. In order to keep you protected until the warm weather returns, we’ve collected some of the most common causes of car trouble and damage in the winter – and some suggestions for prevention.

Battery Problems. A dead battery is one of the most common problems for winter drivers, and it can be a serious damper on your day. Cold temperatures pull voltage from a battery; temperatures below 30 can drain power and lead to a dead battery in the morning. The good news is that the battery might still be rechargeable, especially if it’s fairly new. However, if your battery is more than about three years old, replacing it may be a better choice.

Spark Plug Issues. Spark plugs have a tendency to become less reliable during cold weather. If the spark plug was already on its way out, sub-freezing temperatures can push it over the edge. Be sure to have your spark plugs routinely inspected and replaced as necessary to prevent this.

Tire Pressure. The PSI of your tires will drop with the temperatures outside, and it’s important to replace that lost air pressure. Get in the habit of checking your tire pressure at least once a month. Under-inflated tires can lead to lost traction and an increased risk of accident.

Environmental Damage. Winter storms can lead to body damage. Chunks of ice and road debris can lead to broken windshields or dents. And ice can also scratch your paint job, especially if salt, cat litter or other substances are mixed in with it.

Collisions. Many things can cause car accidents during the winter, but black ice and low visibility during snow storms are two common problems. When driving in inclement weather, remember to adjust your speed to fit the conditions, and stay home if you’re not sure that you can drive safely.

If the cold weather has caused vehicle damage, either directly or indirectly, Quanz Auto Body can help! Give us a call today to schedule mechanical repairs or body work.