Ten Things That Can Damage Car Paint

Performance is a major factor when it comes to your vehicle. Proper maintenance is key to keeping your car up and running, but you should also take the right steps to preserve its appearance. One way to do that is to avoid common contaminants capable of ruining the paint job and affecting your enjoyment of your vehicle.

  1. Motor Oil

DIY auto maintenance saves money, but not if you need to pay for a new paint job afterward. Be careful when topping off motor oil, or let a professional mechanic handle it.

  1. Bird Droppings

Birds eat berries, which are highly acidic. That means bird droppings are very acidic as well, so they must be removed as soon as possible, or they will wear down the paint.

  1. Dust & Dirt

Even small granules of dust and dirt can scratch vehicle paint. This illustrates the importance of washing your car or truck on a regular basis to remove debris before it causes issues.

  1. Coffee

Like many other items on this list, coffee is acidic. Never place a cup of coffee on the roof of your vehicle, as major damage can occur if you spill it.

  1. Rain

On its own, rain is not an issue. When mixed with pollution, rain can be acidic and negatively affect the look of your vehicle. Try to park your car in a covered area whenever possible.

  1. Roadwork

Construction on the road means lots of rocks and gravel. If a rock is kicked up and makes contact with vehicle paint, a scratch is almost inevitable. Scratched paint requires service from a trusted auto body shop to repair.

  1. Salt

While salt on the road isn’t an issue in New Mexico, it can foul up your paint job if you’re driving in a cold climate during the winter. If left to linger, salt-based ice melt will do a number on your paint.

  1. Gas

Be very careful when filling up at the gas pump. Gasoline is very corrosive and will degrade paint, so wash it off immediately if you experience a spill.

  1. Splattered Bugs

Road trips can mean numerous bugs splattered against your windshield and hood. Be sure to wash them off when reaching your destination, or they might become a permanent fixture.

  1. Vandalism

Vandalism includes seemingly harmless pranks, such as writing a funny message on your vehicle with shaving cream or silly string. If these substances aren’t cleaned off immediately, they’re likely to damage the underlying paint job.

Some paint damage can’t be avoided, which is where Quanz Auto Body comes in. Our skilled and knowledgeable repair team can match vehicle paint precisely to ensure all damage is imperceptible. We also offer paintless dent repair for less serious damage.

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