Damaged Vehicles Aren’t Street Legal

Just because a car still runs doesn’t mean it’s legal to drive. Some types of damage are qualified as putting a car into dangerous condition. This car is considered a threat to the safety of other drivers. If you have any of the damage listed, you need to have it repaired immediately. Not only will this keep you from being ticketed, it will keep you from becoming involved in an accident due to impaired vision or causing damage to someone else’s car.

Windshields and Obscured Vision

Anyone who’s driven a car with a cracked windshield knows that sunlight reflects off of the cracks. Depending on the angle and placement, this can cause impaired vision. If the cracks take up a large portion of the windshield, it’s impossible to see clearly through it. That kind of damage is illegal and you can be ticketed for it.

Damage done to the front of your car that threatens the integrity of your hood latch is also illegal. If the hood latch should give way while you’re driving, it will block your view and it could damage the windshield.

Body Damage

If your car has suffered damage to the body or frame, any jagged edges could make your car illegal to drive. When part of your car could cause injury to someone if they were to encounter it, it’s illegal to have your vehicle on the road. Damage to the frame that threatens the integrity of the gas tank or engine is also illegal to have on the road.

Any damage that makes your car a potential hazard to others—missing bumpers, cracked frames, trunks or doors that don’t latch properly—could be grounds for an officer to pull you over and issue a ticket. If the damage is too great, you may be required to have your car towed rather than drive it any further.

If you need to know how much repair your vehicle needs before it’s street legal, call Quanz Auto Body and have your questions answered by professionals.