Some Days Are More Dangerous Than Others

Travel is always a little risky, but there are days and times when driving is statistically extremely dangerous. We hear on the news that people should be careful when heading out during the holiday season, but is that just hype? Statistics gathered since 1975 have shown definite patterns. There are some days when it’s just best to avoid unnecessary driving.


Summer Means Travel

And travel means driving. The most dangerous month to drive isn’t December or January, despite the heavy holiday traffic at that time. It’s August. Just before school begins, final vacations are being completed and it’s a race to get home. In 2010, the most dangerous months to drive were the summer months, June through September.

On weekends, many people relax at parties or have a few drinks. This can end disastrously for others involved. Saturday is the deadliest day for driving, and the statistics on that haven’t changed in decades. Many people believe driving at night is the most treacherous, but the hours of 3 to 6 P.M. when people are often leaving their homes or workplaces are when accidents are most likely to occur.

Winter Means Inclement Weather

Traffic combined with icy roads or visibility-obscuring snow are common causes of collision when winter comes. Snow, sleet and ice create conditions that make attentive driving an absolute necessity. Due to the attention people pay when there are weather conditions that are obviously dangerous, there are actually fewer accidents in the winter months than there are in summer.

Summer and early fall are statistically the most dangerous months in which to drive. Afternoon weekends aren’t considered to be hazardous by most drivers. That’s exactly why they’re dangerous. Focus while driving is the most integral part of ensuring you’re driving safely, but you can’t be certain everyone else on the road is. Even avoiding unnecessary travel on the ‘dangerous’ days of summer doesn’t mean you’re going to avoid them altogether. When accidents happen, Quanz Auto Body is ready to help you get back on the road.