Paintless Dent Repair at Quanz Auto Body

Have you ever stepped out to your car only to notice it has been the victim of a “hit and run?” Now you have scratched paint and a dent that you may always notice when you look at your vehicle and you may wonder how you can get it restored to its original appearance. Quanz Auto Body in Albuquerque, New Mexico specializes in collision repair at its Eastside location with paintless dent repair.



With recent advances in automotive repair technology, you no longer have to worry about having a partially-dented car when wanting to repair minor dings or dents caused by hail. The paintless dent repair techniques used ensure you will have a perfectly matched finish making it impossible for others to even know an accident occurred.

In order to restore your car’s frame back to its original condition, the technicians at Quanz Auto Body use rods and exert pressure on strategic points. This helps us undo the damage that has been done without causing more. Paintless dent repair is also perfect for hail damage! We can remove the dents caused by hail without interfering with the factory finish.

Quality Care & Service

Quanz Auto Body in Albuquerque, New Mexico has been helping customers repair their vehicles from minor collisions in the parking lot to major accidents on the highway. There isn’t a job that is too small or too big for our expert team of technicians and mechanics. If you are interested in paintless dent repair, call us at 505-897-1949. We make it better.