Does a Car Accident Void the Warranty?

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You bought a car with a warranty for a reason—you want to be able to replace parts without it costing a fortune. But what happens when you’re in an accident? Does that void the warranty?

Your Warranty

Standardwarranties have bumper-to-bumper and powertrain coverage. They usually cover aspecific number of miles or years.

Powertrainwarranties deal with the repair of parts that provide power to make your car ortruck go—that includes the engine,drivetrain and transmission. Bumper-to-bumper warranties will also cover justabout everything else, like tires, your infotainment system, AC/heating system,etc.

Everymanufacturer and dealer is different, so to know what exactly your warrantycovers, you’ll have to ask your sales person or read the fine print.

What Affects a Warranty

Many of theconditions that void your warranty are under your controls, such as:

  • Off-roadingor racing
  • Maintenanceneglect (e.g. failing to get regular oil changes or scheduled maintenance)
  • Vehiclemodifications, including the odometer

However, thereare some conditions, like floods, fires and other “Acts of God”—that are out ofyour control. In general, though, an accident is not one of them.

An Accident and Your Warranty

Your warrantyshould be good even after an accident, but there are some exceptions. Yourwarranty could be void after an accident if:

  1. Youuse aftermarket parts on your vehicle for repairs
  2. Your car insurance declares your vehicle to be a total lossand they give it a salvage title

Quanz Auto Body can help ensure that your vehicle remains underwarranty after an accident. We use OEM parts and will warn you about possiblewarranty issues if you opt for aftermarket parts. Contactus tomake collision repair better.