Don’t Let Vehicle Damage Ruin Your Trip

There’s a lot of summer fun to be had outside, but most vacation and stay-cation destinations require driving to get there. That means that summer fun comes with the possibility of an accident. But an accident doesn’t have to ruin your trip. If you take the time to equip yourself with information about your insurance coverage and have the insurance claims management specialists at Quanz Auto Body to back you up, you can salvage your trip.

What You Need to Know before You Go

The best safeguard against accident-smashed vacation plans is knowledge of your insurance coverage. Before your leave home, review your auto insurance policy (call your agent if you have to) to find out:

  • If you are driving your own vehicle:
    • Is roadside assistance and/or towing covered?
    • Is there a limit to towing mileage?
    • Is there a preferred network of repair shops? How do you locate one?
  • If you are driving a rental vehicle:
    • Are rental cars covered?
    • Is rental “loss of use” covered?

Also locate (and store in your phone) the numbers you may need for roadside assistance and claims reporting.

What to Do in the Event of an Accident

No matter where you get in an accident, the process is generally the same:

  • Move your car to the side of the road (if possible) to allow traffic flow and get yourself and your passengers to a safe distance from moving vehicles.
  • Call the local police to file a report. If you’re on out-of-towner, ask for the officer’s name and contact information and where you should call to get a copy of the report once it’s filed. This will be vital information for your insurance claims case, so don’t set yourself up for a wild goose chase and/or extended afternoon of phone tag trying to get the documentation you need.
  • Exchange insurance information with the other party(ies).
  • Call your insurance agent. You will need to report the accident to start the claims process. Here’s where your pre-trip research will save you loads of time and stress because you may already know things like towing limits, how to find a local repair shop, if rentals are covered, etc. However, you may still have additional questions, such as:
    • Is it possible to do minimal repairs to make your car safely drivable so that you can finish the repairs with your trusted shop?
    • How do I get a rental car (if necessary) to make the return trip home?

It’s always stressful to be involved in an accident, and being away from home just increases the discomfort. But, please, remember your insurance agent is working for you. They want to help you get home safely, get your car repaired and minimize the expense.

How We Can Help

Even away from home, Quanz Auto Body can also assist you in the event of an accident. Our insurance claims managers can coordinate repairs in the event that:

  • Your car is safe to drive home where you can drop it off with us
  • Your insurance company will allow minimal repairs that allow you to safely make your return trip where Quanz can do the rest

If neither of those options are available, we can help ensure quality repairs are being done by:

  • Helping you know what to look for and ask to find a reputable local repair shop
  • Talking to the technicians at the local repair shop to better understand the vehicle’s maintenance history

We do everything we can to serve you no matter where you are. Just give us a call.