Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff; Fix It!

Chips, dents, dings, cracks and more are just minor annoyances when it comes to the function of our cars. A star in the windshield won’t make the car unsafe to drive and chipped paint on the trunk doesn’t mean it won’t close.

However, if these minor repairs are left to sit for months on end, they can become expensive. Structural damage can be done, stars become cracks that necessitate a full window replacement and more.

Basic Necessities

If you’ve been driving your car to and from class, it’s going to need fluids and oil checked and changed. It’s easy to forget about an oil change if you’re only driving to and from campus, but oil should be changed every 3 to 6 months. If you got an oil change at the beginning of the semester, get it changed before winter comes.

With cooler weather approaching, you also need to check your coolant levels. Antifreeze is a vital part of your car’s functionality in the winter months. Fluid levels should be checked and topped off every oil change to ensure your car continues working smoothly.

Small Damages

Chips in paint compromise the entire vehicle. Any opening for rust to begin can be easily overlooked if it’s a small dent or ding in a side panel. When that opening turns into a panel being rusted and flimsy, the integrity of your car’s structure is at risk. This can mean even worse damage if you’re in an accident. It could even mean the car’s frame is compromised.

A star on the windshield may not obscure your vision now, but when cold weather arrives, that star can turn into a broad crack. It may even make your car illegal to drive. Have small damage repaired before it turns into a major problem and save yourself time, money and risk. Quanz Auto Body can help you work out a maintenance schedule for your vehicle and repair those tiny problems to save you major trouble!