Earth-Friendly Auto Care

Every April 22nd reminds us that what we do every day impacts our planet. We’re already seeing some of the negative consequences of actions we’ve taken without any thought about planetary sustainability—deforestation, global warming, endangerment of animal and plant species. But we have the potential to make a positive impact, too, particularly when you really believe that every day is Earth Day, like Quanz does.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Quanz Advanced Auto Body is committed to reducing our carbon footprint, which we do in a number of ways:


Quanz partners with Earth Day, a local recycling company, to recycle cardboard and scrap metal and with Crystal Clean, a national recycling company, to keep oil, coolant and paint out of landfills. Many of the used tires we collect are claimed by local residents for use in retaining walls or other home improvement projects. Those that aren’t are recycled as well. And we collect batteries and Freon for recycling. All told, our efforts keep tons of waste out of landfills and pollutants from potentially seeping into the ground water supplies.

Generating clean energy

On top of the Quanz Advanced Auto Body garage is a 408-solar panel, 93.84 kW array. The power generated without burning fossil fuels significantly reduces (by over 257,000 pounds) the amount of carbon dioxide produced by our operations.

In addition to our carbon-reducing efforts, Quanz Advanced Auto Body strives to be eco-friendly by using products that are sustainably made and that produce less waste. We are proud to be one of the few garages in Albuquerque that uses a waterborne paint system, which produces 80% less VOC emissions and no hazardous waste.

Think Globally, Act Locally

Quanz Advanced Auto Body is able to be proactive about its environmental impact because we are a local company. We don’t have to go through a distant corporate bureaucracy to put Earth-friendly policies in place. And, as a local business, we stimulate the local economy. Our taxes support the school systems, road improvements, parks, etc. We hire local people and promote other local businesses (like Mocha Mudd, our on-site coffee hut).

If you also believe the every day is Earth Day, you can make small changes that can make a positive difference to our planet. When it comes to your vehicle’s routine maintenance or auto body repair, support an eco-friendly local business like Quanz. You can also visit the New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce to find member businesses to provide other services you need, too.

Happy Earth Day from your planet-loving service and auto body technicians at Quanz!