Why, Exactly, Is Emissions Testing So Important in New Mexico?

Most cars registered in New Mexico are required to pass an emissions test every two years. It’s just one of those things that has to get done to avoid being ticketed, so most of us probably don’t stop to wonder why. But, now that we mention it, why is emissions testing so important?

The Purpose of Emissions Testing

Every state has some type of emissions testing requirements in place, and they are all intended to do the same thing—reduce carbon emissions. Vehicle exhaust is a significant contributor to greenhouse gases, which, in turn, contribute to global warming. By regulating vehicle emissions, states can contribute to environmental sustainability efforts.

Why Reduced Emissions Is So Important in New Mexico

Regulating vehicle emissions is important everywhere, but New Mexico’s climate and landscape make it even more pressing.

Air pollution is never okay, but areas that are heavily forested can act as natural filters, cleaning the air. New Mexico’s high desert climate limits the number and types of trees that grow, especially in Albuquerque and south into the more “traditional” desert climes. Consequently, New Mexico, by and large, has little natural air filtration capacity. Most of the pollutants stay in the air, and because of the Sandias, polluted air just hangs around. So, New Mexico needs to be proactive about maintaining clean air.

Do Your Part

Emissions testing is not expensive or time-intensive yet extremely important to reducing air pollution. You can contribute to improved air quality in Albuquerque by getting your emissions checked on schedule.