Quality Car & Truck Engine Repair in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Your car’s job is to get you from Point A to Point B. To get the job done, your car’s engine needs to run, and run efficiently. If your car just doesn’t go or you are spending a lot on gas, you may need engine repair. The experienced team members at Quanz Auto Care can diagnose engine trouble and perform quality repairs.

Signs You May Need Engine Repair

Engine trouble is not usually a problem that presents all of a sudden. There are a number of signs that your car needs engine repair, for example:

  • Odd noises*
  • Rough idling
  • Strained running

Indicators on your dash may also warn you of engine trouble. Monitor your car’s engine temperature and watch for the “Check Engine” light. Take your car to Quanz Auto Care immediately if your car is overheating or the dash light is illuminated to prevent major engine damage.

Quality Engine Repair

Quanz Auto Care delivers quality engine repair. We have the advanced diagnostic tools to pinpoint engine issues, and our ASE-certified master technicians are some of the most experienced in the business. We stand behind our work with a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty on all engine repairs.

Affordable Car Engine Repair

At Quanz Auto Care, we know that the cost of car repairs can be a big stressor. We do everything we can to provide quality repairs we can confidently stand behind while minimizing your expense. Whenever possible, we perform repairs to your car’s existing engine. However, when repairs become too costly, we will suggest replacing the engine. We will provide free estimates to help you compare repair options, and we are happy to look for quality used and/or rebuilt engines to save you money. Contact us to schedule engine repair service at our Westside Albuquerque, NM location.

Call Quanz Auto Care for engine repair you can count on. Westside: 505-897-1949 • Eastside: 505-897-1950 • Rio Rancho: 505-897-1955

Making Car Repairs Better.

* Sound is a very important diagnostic tool. Listen to various under the hood issues in the Cling Clanger car noise library to identify sounds similar to what your car makes. Let the team members at Quanz Auto Care know. It may help us more quickly identify your engine repair needs.