How to Ensure Your Battery Will Work this Winter

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There’s no denying it: the temperatures are dropping; the leaves are falling—winter is on its way. Winter is the worst time to experience car problems, but also the time of year that battery-related car problems are more likely. Quanz Auto Body can help you avoid battery failure.

How Winter Affects Your Battery

Most functions of your vehicle are impervious to the weather—they work rain or shine, hot or cold. And while your battery will work no matter the temperature, cold weather just makes it work harder. Here’s why:

Your car starts when the battery sends an electric current to your starter (and all the other electronic components of your vehicle). The current is created by a chemical reaction between the positive and negative nodes on the battery. In cold weather, chemical reactions are slower (that’s just basic chemistry and physics), so it takes more “juice” to get the same charge for vehicle ignition.

How to Prevent Battery Death

You can extend the life of your battery by boosting the battery temperature up to normal (i.e. above 45°F) by preheating it. In other words, applying gentle heat to the hood of your car before starting that. But who has time for that?

The best way to prevent your battery from dying at the most inconvenient (and cold) time is to make sure it is fully charged. Quanz Auto Body can read your battery charge to make sure it has the “juice” it takes to get your car started every cold winter morning (and afternoon and evening).

In the event that your battery is on its last legs, we can replace your battery in a matter of minutes with batteries from top manufacturers you trust.