Finding Your Road Tripping Pal

The open road…your favorite tunes blasting, your arm doing that cool wavy thing as it catches air currents out the open window, your body melding to the curves of your driver’s seat as you put more miles between you and the daily grind you left behind. What could be better? 

Sharing it with the perfect road trip companion…one who never asks to change the radio station, never asks “Where are we going?” (and trusts your navigational instincts without question) and wants nothing more than the freedom to stick his head out the window and have his ears and tongue flap in the breeze.

That’s right: the perfect road trip companion is your dog, and if you don’t already have one, National Dog Week (September 23-29) is the time to find your new faithful furry travel companion.


If you are ready to make room in your home and your life for a canine member of the family, there are plenty of places to adopt. A great place to start is Animal Humane New Mexico.

Animal Human has several locations where you can meet potential pets:

  • Main campus: 615 Virginia St. SE
  • Northeast Heights Adoption and Training Center: 9132 Montgomery Blvd NE
  • Westside Adoption and Training Center: 10700 Corrales Rd NW

Animal Humane also has mobile adoptions at locations throughout the Albuquerque area. See where the truck o’pets will be in your neighborhood next:

But, Animal Humane doesn’t have a monopoly on homeless pet adoption. There lots of other great organizations who may be temporarily housing the newest member of your family right now, including:

There are also many breed-specific animal rescue organizations throughout the Southwest. Googling dog adoptions can also help you locate databases where you can see pictures of hundreds of dogs before heading to the shelters.


The better question is “Why not?” Sure, adopting a dog comes with some adjustment and new responsibilities, but think of the benefits:

  • Unconditional love
  • A puppy-heated bed
  • Built in home security
  • Scientifically proven (seriously!) stress relief
  • A sympathetic ear

And…did we mention fuzzy?

Beyond National Dog Week

We understand that not everyone is able to adopt a pet. Rental properties have restrictions, current canine family members may not be so thrilled to have a new dog around the house, etc. But there are still other ways you can make a difference during National Dog Week and throughout the year:

  • Donate to the local animal shelter of your choice. (Since the garage is not the ideal dog house, this is how Quanz helps find new homes for dogs. Every month we donate to Animal Humane New Mexico and Watermelon Mountain Ranch.)
  • Volunteer to host (if you’re a business) or work at an adoption event.

You can also make your social media network work for those without the opposable thumbs to tweet for themselves. Let your friends and family know about these local organizations working to match people with their perfect canine counterparts and where and when the next adoption event will be!