Why You Should Fix That Ding or Dent Sooner Rather Than Later

We get it — dings and dents in your vehicle, no matter how old it is, can be an eyesore, but are they really worth crying over? At first, maybe not, but over time, and if left untreated, even the smallest dent can turn into a major issue. If you’ve been putting off auto body repair for a seemingly minor scratch, ding or dent, keep reading for reasons you should bring your vehicle into an Albuquerque repair shop sooner rather than later.

Rust Issues

Rust is probablythe number one issue that arises from a seemingly minor scratch or dent.Whether the dent is the result of a car door slamming into your vehicle or aminor collision, the chip caused by the impact renders your car vulnerable towater and moisture, both of which can seep beneath the paint and clearcoatdesigned to protect your vehicle. Over time, the sitting moisture will causeyour vehicle to oxidize and eventually rust. Though you may not notice theoxidation at first, by the time you do, there is a good chance the rust spotwill be much more unsightly and costlier to fix than the original ding.


As mentionedabove, a large rust spot is much costlier to fix than a small ding or dent. Ifyou wait for too long to have an auto body repair shop restore your vehicle,you’re looking at a much larger bill than had you gone to the shop right away.

Paint Damage

Long-term damageto the paint is another issue you face if you fail to repair a ding, dent orscratch immediately after the causing incident. Not only will rust affect yourpaint job, but also, because the seal on the paint has been broken, it willbegin to flake away in large chunks. This can be unsightly and lead to evenmore complications.

Reduced ResaleValue

Your vehicle mayrun great, but if it’s riddled with dents, dings and scratches, you won’t getnearly what it’s worth from a potential buyer. Appearance is always a factorfor vehicle shoppers, and many will use cosmetic issues against you innegotiations — if they even want to negotiate at all. Many savvy shoppers willcome to the conclusion that a vehicle owner who doesn’t fix minor dents islikely neglectful in other areas of car maintenance as well, which may makethem wary of doing business with said owner. Fixing minor dents won’t cost youmuch, but it could yield huge returns in the long run.

It’s normal forvehicle owners to put off the repair of scratches and dents or to brush themaside entirely, but it shouldn’t be. Small issues almost always snowball intolarger ones, which is why, if your car needs body work, you should schedule itsooner rather than later. Your vehicle and your wallet will thank you.