Fixing Brake & Transmission Fluid Leaks in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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All the moving parts needed to make your car go or stop require lubrication. Any of lines carrying these fluids can spring a leak, compromising your car’s performance and mechanical integrity. Quanz Auto Care diagnoses and fixes all kinds of fluid leaks from oil and coolant to brake and transmission fluid.

Identifying Fluid Leaks

You can begin the diagnostics process by telling the mechanical team members what type of fluid is leaking. Here is how to identify different types of leaks:

  • Oil leaks are usually under the front center of your car. The color may range from brown to black, and if the spot has not been absorbed by the ground, you may be able to tell it has a slick feel.
  • Brake fluid leaks may occur near each wheel or underneath where the driver’s feet would be.
  • Transmission fluid leaks are also under the front center of the car. It may be light or dark red (depending on how recently it has been changed).

You can also visually check fluid levels in their reservoirs. Your engine and transmission have dipsticks to measure oil and transmission fluid levels. Oil should be checked when your engine is cool. Transmission fluid should be checked when your car is running (in park). The brake fluid reservoir has “high” and “low” level marks.

Please note: If you suspect a brake fluid leak, we recommend towing service to get your car to us. Brake fluid leaks present serious road safety hazards.

Preventing Damage Caused by Fluid Leaks

Spotting fluid leaks early can help prevent mechanical damage as well as mitigate safety risks. When you bring your car to Quanz Auto Care, our team members check brake and transmission fluid levels during routine maintenance like oil changes. We will be happy to show you how to visually check your own fluid levels so you can watch for leaks, too.

Addressing Fluid Leaks

If you do experience any type of fluid leak, our ASE-certified master technicians can find it and fix it. You can jumpstart the diagnostics process by letting us know what evidence of leaks you observe, including changes in your car’s performance. We will prepare a free estimate for all necessary brake and transmission fluid leak repairs, and all our work is backed by our 12-month/12,000-mile warranty.

Contact us to schedule service at our Westside Albuquerque, NM location. Please let us know if you need free shuttle service to your home or work.

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