Signs Your Car Needs a Fresh Coat of Paint

If your vehicle has collision damage, chances are your car will need a new paint job, at least a partial one. But you don’t have to have an accident to need a new paint job. There are other non-collision reasons why you should consider a fresh coat of paint (and clear coat).

Noticeable and/or Uneven Fading

If you’ve lived in New Mexico a minute, you will likely have noticed a number of cars with dull, faded spots, usually on the hood, trunk and/or top of the car. These faded spots are like car sunburn—they’re caused by intense sun exposure without the right protection. And once they begin to appear, there’s no easy fix. There is no way to do a touch-up that won’t leave obvious seams or color mismatches. The only real fix is to repaint the entire affected panel.

Peeling or Flaking

Peeling or flaking paint is an early indicator of the breakdown of your car’s coat integrity. If corrosion (rust) hasn’t begun to form yet, it will soon because peeling and flaking paint leave the metal panels exposed to the elements.

However, you cannot just “touch-up” peeling or flaking paint—any new paint you apply will just peel and flake again. You have to remove all the deteriorated coating so that new primer, basecoat and clear coat will properly adhere to the panel. To maintain good color match, a larger area than just that affected by peeling and flaking may need to be painted.

Deep Scratches

Many small scratches can be effectively covered up and sealed with touch-up paint and clear coat spot treatment. But that’s not the case for deep scratches that penetrate through the actual color layer of your paint.

Deep scratches create two problems for touch-ups:

  • Uneven surfaces that make color seams highly visible
  • Uneven surfaces that are unlikely to be completely sealed, leaving underlying coats exposed to corrosive elements

Like peeling and flaking paint, panels with deep scratches need to be properly prepared so that new paint dries to a flawless, color match finish.

To the untrained eye, it can be difficult to know when scratches are too deep for touch-up or when color fading may be undone with rejuvenating waxes or polishes instead of a new paint job. But the I-CAR Gold Class auto body professionals at Quanz Auto Body will know.

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