Fuel Additives: What are they and Why do I need them?

We’re all trying to find ways to cut back so we can save on gas. But have you ever considered what you might add to increase your mileage?

Fuel additives are one of the least understood products in car care. They’ve even gotten a bad reputation at times due to companies selling fuel additive products before testing them, leading to sub-par products.

Consumers are also confused by whether or not they need fuel additives. Many assume they don’t need additives because they have a new car, or because they use premium gas. In truth, just about every vehicle benefits from the occasional use of fuel additives, and even premium fuel needs a boost.

What are Fuel Additives?

What are fuel additives exactly? Think of fuel additives as an elixir that prevents your car from sputtering out and breaking down. Additives raise the octane level in your gasoline, helping to clean deposits that form in the fuel injectors, intake valves, combustion chambers and carburetors. These deposits cause hesitation, hard starting and lost performance.

The best fuel additives are multi-functional, meaning they contain a number of detergents and anti-oxidants to address deposit build-up in your engine.

How do I Know which is Best?

Having an auto repair shop you trust—like Quanz Advanced Auto Body—is the best way to make sure your fuel additives are the real deal. Ask us and we’ll be able to tell if your fuel additive is worth it. If not, we can recommend a fuel additive that is.

As an aside, we recommend you fill up with premium gas once every few fill-ups to help maintain deposits in your vehicle’s engine. These contain higher octane counts than regular gasoline, though it won’t raise octane as high as a fuel additive will.

There are many ways to increase gas mileage, so many it’s hard to make a comprehensive list. Consistent driving habits help, ones like slowly accelerating and decelerating rather than showing off your lead foot. Keeping your tires properly inflated is a big one, too. Throw a fuel additive into the mix and watch your vehicle’s mileage increase along with its performance.