Fuel Efficiency Matters!

There’s no reason to spend more on gas than you have to. If you can improve fuel efficiency in your car with a few regular maintenance tips, you benefit from a cleaner, more functional car and more money in your pocket. QuanzAutoCare keeps customers informed of the best ways they can improve their driving experience; that’s why we offer tips like these.

Reduce Unnecessary Weight

Did you know that for every 100 pounds in your car, you’re reducing your fuel efficiency by 2%? It seems like a little, but those small percentages add up. And when gas ranges up towards the $4 mark, every little bit counts. Remove any unnecessary item from your car—keep the trunk cleaned out and don’t haul excessive weight for any longer than needed.

Keep Tires Properly Inflated

It’s harder for a car to achieve the forward motion needed for driving when the tires are flat. The more surface area of your tire connecting with the ground, the harder your engine has to work in order to go. Overinflating is just as bad and can even be dangerous, but keeping your tires at the recommended pressure will reduce your fuel usage and keep you safe.

Regular Maintenance Helps

When your engine is running smoothly, it doesn’t need to consume additional fuel to function. Keep your fuel efficiency at top notch by checking spark plugs, oil levels and belts regularly. Schedule annual tune-ups to make sure everything is lubricated and always remember to get oil changes regularly.