Give the Gift of a Running Car

Cars, like puppies, don’t always make the best holiday gifts. After all, cars require time and money for maintenance, not to mention operating costs like insurance and gas. However, sometimes a car is the perfect gift – especially if there’s an eager college student of teenager on the receiving end.

Do both of you a favor this holiday season and be sure to have the vehicle thoroughly inspected prior to gifting. Your recipient will be grateful for a vehicle with a clean bill of health, and you’ll have the peace of mind that your gift will last a long time.

Used Cars Can Make Great Gifts

Vehicles are one of the most important belongings that most of us own. A car is freedom, both practically and symbolically. And when you need a car, having one given to you can have a powerful impact on your life. For the right person, a car can be an ideal holiday gift.

You don’t need to lay down major cash for a brand new vehicle for your lucky gift recipient. In fact, used vehicles are often a much better deal – not only has depreciation slowed down, but known issues and recalls have been identified and maintenance costs are often lower.

Let Quanz Handle Your Inspection and Repairs

Give yourself and your recipient peace of mind this year by having the vehicle thoroughly inspected and repaired before handing over the keys. Quanz Auto Body can handle mechanical and body work, allowing you to give a gift in great condition – and we’ll be happy to handle its maintenance once it goes to a new owner.

Contact us today to schedule an inspection!