Guest Blog: My Daughter’s Car Was Rear-Ended. Here’s the Repair Story

It was every father’s worst nightmare: my daughter called me crying, saying, “Daddy, I’ve been in an accident.” After the initial panic, realizing the she was calling, so she was okay, I took a breath and prepared myself for the hassles to come…but they never came.

Roadside Recovery

I was the first call my daughter made, so I stayed on the phone with her while she waited for police to arrive. I coached her on the next steps—

  • Exchange contact information with the other driver
  • Provide a detailed account of what happened to the police
  • Go to urgent care to make sure you’re okay and let the doctor tell you about what signs to look for should a whiplash injury begin to present

We established that her car was drivable, so her mother and I headed to the crash site. She and my wife headed to the doctor; I took the car to Quanz Auto Body.

The Part I Was Dreading

I took on the job of getting the car to the auto body shop because this is the part that no one likes—waiting for the claims adjuster, watching the claims agent low-ball repair estimates and then haggling with them (and maybe the collision repair people, too) to get the car fixed right. But that didn’t happen.

Quanz Auto Body is a direct repair partner with my insurance company, so I didn’t have to wait for a claims adjuster at all. They took my daughter’s car in and started with the visual inspection to prepare the first damage estimate. I waited in the lobby sipping coffee, and one of the service writers found me to walk me through the rest of the process—

  • Submit the estimate to insurance
  • Begin the tear-down of the vehicle to inspect for hidden damage
  • Submit an amended estimate to insurance (if necessary)
  • Order parts
  • Start the repairs

All in all, they expected the car to be done no later than the middle of the following week (six business days). Then they asked how I was getting home (which hadn’t occurred to me yet) and offered a ride in their free shuttle service.

The Actual Collision Repair

Like the early part of collision recovery, the rest of the process went smoothly. Aside from coordinating rides for my daughter, there were no hiccups or hassles. Quanz Auto Body called the next day to let me know about damage they’d found under the bumper and explained the cost difference they were submitting to insurance. They called again four days later to let me know the car was ready to be picked up—ahead of schedule.

While I hope that no one in my family needs collision repair service, if we do, we’re definitely taking our car to Quanz again. Their experience and know-how made getting the vehicle fixed one less thing to worry about. Even months later, I still haven’t had to make a follow-up call to my insurance company to haggle over coverage.