5 Driving Habits You Need to Develop to Prevent Accidents

Car accidents can cause serious injuries and serious (expensive) damage. Many car accidents are completely preventable, and many prevention strategies are no-brainers. Here are five must-have driving habits to keep you and others on the road safe:

Don’t Text/Talk and Drive

The City of Albuquerque is a hands-free zone, but we’ve all seen drivers continue to talk and text behind the wheel. Don’t be that driver! Use hands-free technology or download apps that auto-respond to calls and texts with an “I’m driving” message. No conversation is worth risking your life to have right now.Preview

Don’t Drive Tired

Driving fatigued is as dangerous as driving while intoxicated—your reaction time and decision making are just as impaired. If you feel drowsy, pull over. Strategies like cold air and loud music don’t work. It’s better to be late (or reschedule) than to be hospitalized or dead.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Do we really need to explain this? If you’ve had a few drinks or experimented with any mind-altering substance, call Uber, call a cab, call a friend or sleep it off.

Share the Road

Motor vehicles are not the only legal vehicles on New Mexico roadways. Watch for and share roadways with motorcycles and bicycles. They are entitled to lane space and take less time to stop. That means you need to give them room.

Focus on the Road

Good drivers never become complacent about driving because they know that anything can happen at any time. Be aware of your surroundings, neighboring drivers’ behavior, local traffic patterns, rules of the road, etc. so that you know what to look for and how to respond if the unexpected occurs.