Happiness Happens Month!

August is Happiness Happens Month, and we couldn’t be happier about it! In honor of the day, we wanted to share our experiences around the shop and let you know how happy we are to be able to interact with you every time you come to see us!

Our Happiness Happens Stories

It’s no secret that happiness happens all the time here, but we wanted to share a few of our moments when happiness strikes with you! We asked some of our employees when happiness happens for them. This is what they said:

“When my six grand kids are crawling all over me and pulling me in every direction to show me something.”

“When a job I am doing that doesn’t seem to be going right just falls into place.”

“When my 6 month old daughter falls asleep on my chest when relaxing.”

“When a car is fixed well and the customer is happy when they leave.”

“Watching the snow fall during winter time.”

“Being out in the mountains away from all the sounds of the city.”

“Getting home at the end of the day and seeing my kids and wife.”

Happiness is everywhere, all the time. All it takes is for us to recognize the feeling and let the happiness flow! We have shared our “happiness happens” stories with you, now share yours with us! Post your story on our Facebook page and let’s all share in the happiness!