History of Presidents’ Day

Did you know that Presidents’ Day doesn’t actually fall on any president’s birthday? Do you know how this national holiday began to get recognized? In this week’s blog, Quanz Auto Body shares a little history of Presidents’ Day as we honor our nation.


Washington’s Birthday

Originally, the third Monday of February was celebrated as George Washington’s birthday. In fact, it wasn’t even celebrated on the third Monday; it was celebrated on February 22nd, the president’s actual birthday. However in 1971, the celebration was moved to remain on a Monday as part of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act to create more three-day weekends for the nation’s workers.

Celebrations & Traditions

Presidents’ Day is often viewed as a time of patriotic celebration, remembrance and honor. It has been used throughout history for celebrations, reenactments and other events by patriotic and historical groups with a number of schools across the nation requiring that students learn about the accomplishments of the presidents. Presidents’ Day no longer only represents George Washington’s birthday, it also represents Abraham Lincoln’s birthday and gives us a chance to celebrate all other presidents.

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