From “F” to “E”: Calculating Your Gas Mileage

With rising gas prices you’re probably looking for ways to squeeze every bit of mileage out of your car before a fill-up. While doing so, you’re also probably paying more attention to what kind of gas mileage your vehicle is getting. However, before you believe your car has suffered a serious drop in fuel efficiency, have you sat down to calculate your actual gas mileage?

Calculating your actual gas mileage is really fairly simple. Here’s how you do it:

  1. As painful to your wallet as this may be, fill your vehicle’s gas tank completely. Note how many gallons it took to fill up your vehicle.
  2. Write down the mileage on your odometer before leaving the gas station.
  3. When it’s time to refuel, again fill your tank completely using the exact same grade of gasoline you used the first time.
  4. Again, write down the mileage on your odometer before leaving the gas station.
  5. Subtract the first odometer reading from the second to determine how many miles you drove between fill-ups.
  6. Divide the number of miles driven by the gallons of gas it took to fill your vehicle the second time.

By following these steps you’ll get a more accurate reading than just “eye-balling” it or by making mental notes. Here’s an actual example:

  • It takes 22.5 gallons to fill up your vehicle
  • Your mileage at this first fill up is 15,665
  • At your next fill up it takes 22.4 gallons
  • Your mileage at the second fill up is 15,983 miles

Subtract 15,665 from 15,983 first. That gives you 318 miles driven between fill-ups. You then divide 318 by 22.4 and that gives you 14.19. That means you’re getting 14.19 miles per gallon.

If you think your vehicle has seen a drop in its fuel efficiency recently, there are several other factors that can impact your gas mileage. These factors include the type of driving you do (highway versus in-town), how long it’s been since your last oil change and maintenance, and other various factors including your tire inflation.

After calculating your gas mileage, if you still think your car isn’t as efficient as it should be, or if you think something is affecting its mileage, you can bring your vehicle into an experience auto service shop, such as Quanz Advanced Auto Body, to have an expert look at your vehicle.

At this time where gas prices are high, you want to squeeze as much mileage out of your vehicle as possible. These easy steps can help you calculate what your fuel efficiency currently is. Stay tuned for tips to improve your gas mileage!