How Quanz Auto Body Approaches the Collision Repair Process

Here at Quanz Auto Body, we prideourselves on a job well done. We also understand that our Albuquerque customersput a lot of faith in us. After all, you rely on your vehicle on a daily basis,so you want to rest assured that it’s in good hands when taking it to a repairshop.

That’s why we implement a comprehensive 6-step collision repair processwhen addressing body work. This process ensures that quality remains apriority, whether you’re having extensive work performed or just need a bit of paint less dentrepair.

Step 1 – Creating the Repair Plan

We start by inspecting your vehicle, which helps us come up with an estimate.We also create a comprehensive repair plan. Repair plans list the parts needed,the work to be performed, as well as many other factors. This repair planserves as the blueprint for the remainder of the repair process.

Step 2 – Parts Ordering & Preparation

Using your vehicle’s repair plan, we order the parts need to complete thescope of work. At this point, you may continue using your vehicle until all theparts have arrived at our shop, which ensures your convenience. However, wedon’t recommend driving a vehicle if safety is compromised, which is often thecase with cracked orchipped windshields.

Step 3 – Disassembly

While disassembly is obviously necessary to repair your vehicle after acollision, it also allows us to inspect your car or trucker on a deeper level.We’re invested in your safety, and we wouldn’t want you to drive a vehicle thathas serious defects. Of course, we’ll keep you apprised of the processthroughout, especially if we determine you need additional repairs after theinitial estimate.

Step 4 – Repair

Here is where the real work begins. Going back to your repair plan, we’lladdress each individual issue from bumper to bumper to ensure your vehicle isrestored to its former glory.

Step 5 – Re-Painting

When re-painting your vehicle, we ensure precision matching by using proventechniques and technology. We also insist on an environmentallyfriendly process, for both painting as well as other services. Once re-painting iscomplete, we’ll reassemble your vehicle.

Step 6 – Detailing & Quality Control

Along with restoring your vehicle, we also perform extensive detailing tomake it look as close to showroom new as possible. This entails cleaning boththe interior and exterior, as well as having one of our quality controlspecialists thoroughly compare the finished product to our original repairplan. Once given the all-clear, we’ll give you a call to let you know yourvehicle is ready for pick-up.

We stand by our core values of trustworthiness,generosity, and hard work. We’re also direct repair partners with a number ofinsurers, which means we can handle practical insurance matters on your behalf.If you’re in need of collision repair service in Albuquerque, feel free to call505-897-1949 for more information.