How’s Your Bracket Doing?

A lot of people said that the UNM Lobos wouldn’t make it to March this year—they were too young of a team. And their back-to-back losses to Colorado State and Texas Christian late in the season really seemed like the beginning of the end.

But the Lobos rallied, winning their last two regular season games and the four post-season match-ups that would earn them the Mountain West Conference Championship title…and the #5 seed in the NCAA Division I West.

Lobos’ March Madness Begins in Portland

UNM took its second round game vs. Long Beach State: a 7-point victory, thanks largely in part by Drew Gordon’s 18 points and 13 rebounds. A third round victory would take the Lobos where they’d never been before—the Sweet 16. And President Obama had them picked to win.

Lobos’ March Madness Ends in Portland

Unfortunately, #4 Louisville got in the way. In a heartbreaking three-point loss, the Cardinals advanced; the Lobos ended their season just in time to return to class from spring break.

March Madness Upsets

Some unexpected teams went home early from their March Madness appearances. #2-seeded (South) Duke was shut down on Friday night by #15 Lehigh. #2 (West) Mizzou shared the same fate at the hands of #15 Norfolk State.

Unfortunately, the underdogs couldn’t make it past their round three match-ups. Lehigh was sent home by #10 Xavier, and #7 Florida sent Norfolk State packing.

There are two “unlikely” teams left in the drive to New Orleans. #11 NC State upset #3 Georgetown to pit them against #2 Kansas in St. Louis this Friday. And #13 Ohio, one of four Ohio teams to advance to the Sweet 16, beat #4 Michigan by 5 and #12 USF by 6. They will take on #1 UNC on Friday.

March Madness Continues Next Weekend

If you picked some of the historic champions to repeat past March Madness performances, your bracket might be shot. And with our hometown heroes no longer in the bidding, who’s left to follow?