Hunter Alignment System

When you bring your vehicle in to Quanz Advanced Auto Body for repair, you want to know that your car will be getting the best possible care. Part of ensuring your wheels aligned to the highest possible standards means that we need to have top-of-the-line equipment. When it comes to wheel alignment, the Hunter Alignment System is the most technologically advanced piece of equipment available today.

About the Hunter Wheel Alignment System

Hunter is one of the most trusted names in the wheel alignment business, allowing us to re-align wheels with a high level of precision. The Hunter Wheel Alignment System here at Quanz Advanced Auto Body can:

  • Take photographs with high-resolution cameras
  • Recall your car’s specs quickly at the touch of a button
  • Reset your steering system with the help of your steering sensors
  • Take quick measurement readings

Our versatile wheel alignment system can accommodate vehicles of any size, from smart cars to tractor-trailers.

Accurate Diagnostics

The Hunter Wheel Alignment System offers clear, concise diagnostics that allows us to pinpoint how much your wheel alignment is off. That means once your vehicle is re-aligned, and, if necessary, other repairs are made, it might be driving just as good as it was before the accident.

Don’t Wait to Make Repairs

The longer you wait to realign your frame, the more likely that the misalignment will cause additional mechanical problems. In the long run, it’s always safer–and cheaper– to have your vehicle realigned immediately after you notice it is off. Bring your car in anytime to Quanz Advanced Auto Body; no appointments are necessary!