The Importance of Power Steering

When you are driving any vehicle, you want to feel like you are in control. Power steering is one of the functions that helps us steer our vehicle efficiently and more easily and keeps us and our loved ones safe behind the wheel. In this week’s blog from Quanz Auto Body in Albuquerque, we talk about why power steering is important for your vehicle.


What is Power Steering?

Power steering is a common feature on most vehicles produced today. The power steering pump works on a special fluid known as “power steering fluid.” This fluid is used to operate the power steering mechanism, similar to other fluids that help your transmission system operate.

Power Steering Fluid

You should only use power steering fluid for this mechanism and never try to use any other fluid. This fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid specifically designed for the power steering system and should not be used for other functions such as the brakes or transmission. The fluid helps transfer power from the steering wheel to the steering mechanism and acts as a lubricant, protecting all moving parts within the power steering system. If you drive without power steering fluid, the pump can become permanently damaged leading to bigger mechanical issues in the future. If you find that you have to “top off” or refill your power steering fluid often, then you may have a leak and could end up having an unexpected breakdown. Bring your vehicle to Quanz Auto Body on the Eastside, no appointment necessary, and we will take a look at your power steering system and make the necessary repairs.

Power Steering Pump

The power steering pump is the main mechanism that moves the fluid throughout so you are able to turn your steering wheel easily and control your vehicle’s movements. However, if you notice a strange sound when you turn the wheel like a whining or high-pitched squeak, you may be having an issue with the fluid being pumped through. This sound may also occur when you initially start your vehicle or take a sharp turn. Bring your vehicle into Quanz Auto Body at our location at Gun Club Road and Eagle Ranch and we can check out the entire system and make sure your steering is efficient and at peak performance.

Power Steering Maintenance and Repair at Quanz Auto Body

If you notice your power steering if failing, you will notice your brakes require more pressure to work and moving your wheel will become much more difficult. If this occurs while driving, pull your vehicle over to a safe area and turn off the engine. Then move the steering wheel to see if it can reset and move freely. Call the expert mechanics at Quanz Auto Body in Albuquerque, New Mexico and we will inspect your power steering system and make any necessary repairs. An appointment is not needed to get the best mechanic service in town. Contact us today.