Benefits of Independent Auto Repair

Whether you are looking for a place to go for regularly scheduled maintenance or collision repair, you have options—independent service provider or a national chain. National chains tend to be household names, but that doesn’t always make them better. In fact, when it comes to car care, doing business with an independent garage, like Quanz Advanced Auto Body, has some major customer (and community) advantages.

Independent = Local

Unlike national chains that pay taxes to the state where they are headquartered, local businesses pay New Mexico and local taxes. According to the New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce, $45 of every $100 spent at a local business is reinvested into the local tax base, compared to only $14 of every $100 spent at a national chain. That means a local business’s profitability goes further toward helping to fund local initiatives and projects like parks, schools, transportation, etc. The profitability of a local business may also allow it to expand, which means more local jobs.

Community Involvement

Local businesses are much more involved in their communities than national chains. On average, local businesses provide 350% more support to nonprofits than businesses with corporate headquarters somewhere else.[1] Local businesses are also more likely to offer other types of community support—like sponsoring an employee’s kid’s Little League team or a fundraiser 5K.

But local businesses’ community support doesn’t just come in dollars. Business owners and leaders are community members who are often active in city or county leadership. They are invested in making changes and enacting policies that are good for the community.

Employee Loyalty

Local businesses have a knack for hanging on to good people. Take Quanz for instance—most of our technicians have been with us for over a decade (some over two!). So, when you bring your car to Quanz for regularly scheduled maintenance, you’ll see the same faces greet you and hand you your keys. (Our auto body techs are equally friendly people. We’re just hoping you don’t require collision repair services often enough to get to know them on a first name basis). That’s quite a difference from the typical experience at a national lube or brake service shop where there’s almost always a new crew every time you go in.

The Bottom Line

It’s nice to recognize the people servicing your car, but there’s more to doing business with a locally-owned auto care center than that—better customer service. If you recognize us, we recognize you…and your car. We get to know our customers, and that means we can offer more personalized service. We can help you keep track of regularly scheduled maintenance, keep an eye on belts showing signs of wear, let you know if that “ping” is anything to worry about, etc.

And your investment in our services really does get reinvested in the community. Our efforts to make a stronger ABQ community include supporting other local businesses, like Mocha Mudd and Earth Day Recycling. We are also proud to support organizations that help find shelter and homes for people and pets—Joy Junction, New Day, Animal Humane and Watermelon Mountain Ranch.

When you’re looking for a car care center you can trust, Think Local First. Think Quanz.