If Insurance Won’t Cover Your Collision Repair, Here’s What to Do

It is not uncommon for insurance companies to deny collision repair claims or at least undervalue them, leaving you with hefty out-of-pocket expenses. That doesn’t mean you have to pay the difference.

If insurance won’t cover your repairs in full, there are other avenues to pursue.

Why Insurance Companies Reject Claims

Auto insurance companies can reject claims for several of reasons, and it’s more common than you’d think for the to do so. Denials may result because of disagreements over:

  • OEM vs. aftermarket parts
  • Replacement vs. repair
  • Cost-per-hour for repairs

Insurance companies covering an at-fault driver may find you partially liable, therefore partially responsible for repair costs.

Whatever the reason, the motivation is the same: insurance companies want to make money. They do that by minimizing what they pay out.

What You Can Do

If the insurance company you are working with will not cover the full cost quoted by your collision repair shop, then try:

  • Subrogating your claim

If the other party in an accident was at fault, but their insurance is finding you partially liable, you do not have to fight them on your own. You’re not likely to get that far. Instead, file the claim with your insurance company. Although you will have to pay your deductible, you are likely to get the green light for all recommended repairs, so you can get them done now. Meanwhile, your insurance company takes on the fight with the other party’s insurance to cover the full claim. If they are successful, you’ll get a refund check in the mail for the deductible you already shelled out.

  • Working with your collision repair shop to find ways to reduce repair costs

There are sometimes when OEM parts are strongly encouraged. There are also times when OEM parts were included in the repair estimate, but experienced techs know that aftermarket parts will work just as well and last just as long. If you’re stuck paying out-of-pocket for some of the repairs, then ask your auto body shop how you can reduce costs without jeopardizing the safety or reliability of your vehicle.

  • Arbitration to dispute the company’s estimate

As a last resort, you may seek legal action. Of course, this is a costly process, but if you have paid your premiums on time and your policy states the repairs you need should be covered, then they should be covered. Unfortunately, it may take a judge’s orders to get the coverage you’re entitled to.

At Quanz Auto Body, we make collision repair better. That means, first, we work directly with your insurance company to get repairs covered. In the event we run into a snag, we can help you navigate the process, giving you tips on who to call, what to ask and information you should share to make a case for your claim. We are happy to work with personal-pay clients to reduce expenses yet get top-quality repairs. Contact us today to find out how we can make your customer experience better.