Love Your Pet Day

We love our pets. From dogs to goldfish, every pet is near and dear to our hearts. And we know that you love your pets, too.

Since today is Love Your Pet Day, we’ve decided to honor our pets by dedicating an entire blog to them! We’ve got tips to help keep your pet safe while in the car and to help keep your car clean while they go for a ride.

4 Ways to Keep Your Pet Secure

Most of the time, the pet you will be transporting in your car will be a cat or a dog. These animals, although adorable, can cause a fair amount of trouble if left to roam about the vehicle. In order to keep your pet secured and your eyes on the road, you can:

  1. Use a crate. Restraining your pet might with a crate might make sense, especially if your pet is normally anxious or excited in the car. A crate will restrict their movement to one small area. You can always pull over frequently to give your pet room to stretch their legs.
  2. Use a dog seat harness. A dog seat belt is a harness with a shoulder strap for your pet in cars that do not allow room for a crate or pet carrier. You can get these from most pet stores in New Mexico.
  3. Use a pet barrier. Pet barriers act allow your pet to be restricted to the back seat of your vehicle where they cannot climb onto your lap or otherwise distract you in the front seat.
  4. Use your windows. Some pets like to feel the wind on their faces while traveling. However, a window that is rolled too far down can give your pet just enough room to squeeze out. Roll up your windows to a pet-escape-proof height.

By properly securing your pet, you’ll be able to keep your eyes–and thoughts–on the road!

3 Ways to Keep Your Car Clean

Although you might secure your pet properly, there is almost always hair or dirt to clean up after they’ve gotten out of the car. To keep your car clean, consider:

  1. Restricting food. By restricting food a few hours before a car ride, your pet’s stomach will have a chance to calm down, which can help prevent car sickness. Restricting food can also prevent frequent restroom stops or accidents.
  2. Covering your seats. An ideal seat cover is something waterproof that can be removed easily after the car ride. Try a trash bag or a car seat that you can take off and wash after a ride.
  3. Getting medication. For longer car rides with an animal that is usually nervous or excitable, consider going to your vet to see if they have any type of medication available to calm your pet’s nerves and make the car ride much more enjoyable. There are even natural (herbal) alternatives to help your pet relax, too!

With these tips, you don’t have to sacrifice time with your pet while you’re out and about! Safe driving!