How to Find Better Mechanical Services in Albuquerque, New Mexico

In the greater Albuquerque, NM area, there are dozens of garages that promise quality mechanical service. But how can you know if those establishments will make good on their promises?

To find a reliable mechanic, look at how they treat you when you come in for mechanical services. You will never find better service than what you receive from Quanz Auto Care.

Customer Education

At Quanz Auto Care, we make it part of our job to educate our customers on what is going on with their car and how to take care of it. Once we have found the issue, we will take you into the garage to show you what is happening under the hood or underneath your car so that you can understand the mechanical services required to fix your car. We provide free estimates for all parts and labor.

If we have any helpful tips about how to prevent future issues or troubleshoot minor problems on your own, we will let you know.

Better Customer Experience

Many mechanical services can be done in an hour or two. If you have the time to spare, you are welcome to wait in our guest area where you can enjoy free water, tea, coffee and wi-fi access. We also have an on-site coffee shop (Café Bella) with a menu full of delicious beverages and treats.

If you cannot wait while your mechanical services are being done, we provide free shuttle service to work or home.

Warrantied Mechanical Services

The team members performing routine mechanical services and repairs are ASE-certified master technicians. They have the knowledge, skills and experience to make your car better. We confidently stand behind our mechanical services with a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty.

To find better mechanical services and repairs, you need look no further than Quanz Auto Care. Contact us to schedule routine maintenance or get towing service to our Westside Albuquerque, NM location.

Call Quanz Auto Care for quality mechanical services and superior customer service! Westside: 505-897-1949 • Eastside: 505-897-1950 • Rio Rancho: 505-897-1955

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