What Are 2021’s Most Popular Car Colors?

Whether you’re in the market or a new vehicle or interested in having your current car re-painted, choosing the right color is crucial. While performance is a major concern when it comes to your car or truck, appearance is essential for your enjoyment of your vehicle.

While your personal tastes are important to consider, there are a few car colors that are really taking hold in 2021. Here are the most popular selection and why they’re so impressive.

Redolent Red

Bright, flashy red colors aren’t right for every driver. Redolent red provides a subtler alternative that is often described as a reddish-brown shade. Of course, that doesn’t mean redolent red is boring. It’s a modern take on the classic shade that looks just as good on luxury vehicles as it does on sports cars.

Abstraction Blue

While similar shades are also quite popular among car enthusiasts these days, abstraction blue is an eye-catching color that will make your vehicle the talk of the town. This electric blue color is sleek and sophisticated, but it also evokes excitement and motion. It also looks great on a wide range of vehicles, including sporty sedans and SUVs.

Dark Seltzer

Dark seltzer is silvery, electrifying shade of gray that could never be described as boring. Gray cars and trucks are popular in general, but dark seltzer offers a boost of drama and intrigue. It’s perfect for car owners that want to make a statement with their vehicles, but don’t want to a color that’s too loud or showy.

Other Colors of Note in 2021

Despite concerns about keeping it clean, white cars are still quite popular these days. The same can be said of classic black, which is always good for an infusion of class. Even green shades made the cut, which is perfect for drivers who want a color that’s a little outside the norm. This is especially true natural shades, such as forest green.

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