Motorcycles, Bicycles and Pedestrians…Oh My!

School’s back in full-swing, and you’ve probably noticed by the regular site of kids waiting for buses and safety-yellow-clad crossing guards blowing their whistles. With the return to school comes an increase of foot and pedal traffic…and a need to be more aware on the road.

Tips for Road-Sharing Safety

For many students, their bikes are their go-to commuter vehicle (especially around the university). The State of New Mexico recognizes them as a vehicle, so bikers get road-sharing privileges. To ensure their safety, car drivers need to:

  • Allow bikers to use traffic lanes when no bike lanes are present
  • Allow at least 3’ between you and a biker when passing
  • Look in your mirrors and blind spots specifically for motorcycles and bicycles when passing, turning right (through a bike lane) or turning left across on-coming traffic
  • Look in your mirrors specifically for motorcycles and bicycles when getting out of a car parked at the curb

Motorcycles and bicycles have significantly smaller profiles than cars and trucks. It’s easy to miss them when you’re not looking for them…so train yourself to look for them. The same is true for pedestrians. Be aware of people waiting at a light or median. While they should wait for the , they may not, so you need to be ready to stop on a dime. (Please call Quanz if you need brake repair or replacement to improve your ability to make quick stops.