New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce—Think Local First

The (Un)Occupy Albuquerque protestors have no doubt sparked a lot of debate. But their signs about the “99%” really bring to mind the control that large corporations and banks have in our daily lives, no matter where we live. Sometimes, we can feel powerless to do anything about it.

But that’s really not true.

One simple way to “fight the power” is to keep your spending power local. That’s the idea behind New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce’s Think Local First program.

What is the New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce?

As the Vision Statement says, “The New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce (NMGCC) and its local chapters are a coalition of businesses and organizations dedicated to building healthy economies in New Mexico’s diverse communities.” It’s a group of businesses and people concerned about the environment, the economy, and the future—and who want to affect positive change through business practices. The NMGCC supports efforts to:

  • Make businesses more energy efficient and lower their carbon footprint through the Green Certification Program
  • Create new jobs in New Mexico around alternative energies
  • Grow small businesses
  • Sustain local economies

We support these goals as well.

What is the Think Local First program?

Think Local First is a promotional campaign to support locally-owned businesses. Locally-owned businesses reinvest a higher percentage of profits into the local economy. Their taxes support local schools, emergency services, parks, etc.

Where Does Quanz Advanced Auto Body Fit In?

Quanz Advanced Auto Body is proud to be a member of the NMGCC. We’re going green by using high quality eco-friendly products, like our waterbourne basecoat paint system that reduces solvent emissions by 90%. We also recycle old materials like tires, anti-freeze, oil, Freon, car batteries and scrap metal. So we’re doing what we can to sustain the environment.

As a local business, we also do what we can to sustain the Rio Rancho/West-side Albuquerque community. We’re not a national chain. We’re local people helping local people.

You don’t have to be a business to help New Mexico go green. The next time you need your oil changed or tires rotated or when you finally get around to getting that ding taken care of—Think Local First. We appreciate your business.