How Has New Vehicle Technology Changed Car Repairs?

Advancing technology has changed the way people work and live all over the world. This is especially true in the world of automotive repair, which is vastly different than it was 20 or 30 years ago.

Many of these advancements benefit customers most when it comes to things like convenience, time saving, and diagnostic accuracy. Here are a few of the many advances that have taken place in the automotive repair industry over the years.

More Efficient Diagnostic Tools

Vehicle’s these days have master computers, which serve as their “brain”. Advanced diagnostic tools allow mechanics to access master computers to search for fault codes that indicate which component is failing. This alleviates the need for meticulous testing of each component to establish what type of repair is needed. Advanced diagnostics save time, but they can also result in more affordable repairs by reducing labor hours.

Easier Part Ordering

In the event your vehicle does require a replacement part, mechanics have many online ordering options at their disposal. Instead of paging through a massive parts catalogue, they can now consult a website or mobile application and search for the exact parts number from there. Not only does this speed up the repair process, it also ensures greater accuracy, as online ordering reduces the risk of an error when handwriting an order number or providing information over the phone.

Better Customer Service

Many mechanics also use advanced technology to better serve their customers. Websites ensure you have a full understanding of the services they offer, so you can make the right decision when seeking repairs. You can also have more avenues of contacting a shop, including text, email, and social media messaging. Some shops even provide text alerts letting you know when your vehicle is ready for pickup, or when you should schedule an essential service like an oil change.

Our team at Quanz Auto Care believe in staying one step ahead of new vehicle technology. We are OEM-certified to repair a wide range of makes and models, including Tesla, Subaru, Hyundai, and more. We also use cutting edge technology, including a precise paint matching system to ensure your car looks showroom new after a collision.

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