Sharpening your Night Vision

Dangerous Winter Road at Night. Colorado Road Drive in Snow Storm.

Late in the year when the sun is only available for less than nine hours every day, you may leave for work or school when it’s dark and return home when it’s dark. If you cannot see clearly because your car’s headlights are dim, driving can be dangerous for you and others on the road. The problem may actually be with the headlights, and there are some quick DIY diagnostics and fixes you can try before coming into Quanz Auto Body.

Head Lamp Helps

There are a number of reasons why your headlights may not be at full power. Before seeing the pros, try these:

Check that all lights are working. It may sound silly, but sometimes it’s difficult to tell from the driver’s seat if one of the headlights is out. So, before you actually drive away, next time you start your car, turn on your headlights to make sure both driver- and passenger-side lamps are working.

Check your battery and fuses. If your battery has a low charge, everything that runs on electricity in your car will also decline in performance. If most other electronics are working fine, then check the fuses. A fuse may be loose or blown.

Check the condition of your headlamps. You don’t even need them on for this—just look at them. If the headlamp covers are cloudy, that buildup can significantly cut down on the brightness from your lights.

Most headlight issues are simple fixes—a new bulb, a new fuse or a new battery. The technicians at most auto parts stores can help you replace these items. However, when it comes to cleaning your headlights, that’s a bit more involved (not an impossible DIY job, just not a fun one).

Quanz Auto Body offers headlamp polishing to restore your headlights’ brightness. If you’ve tried all the other quick fixes, and nothing’s working, we can run more detailed diagnostics to identify the issue. We provide free estimates and free shuttle service so that you can get to home or work while we take care of your vehicle.