Our One True Love: The Automobile

Valentine’s Day is all about love—expressing one’s undying devotion to that special someone who really “gets” them, who always revs them up. Unfortunately for most guys, that translates into an investment in chocolates, flowers, jewelry or—the ultimate sacrifice—calling her sister to find out what she really wants.


But, fortunately for the guys at Quanz, that’s not the case. Because the object of our undying devotion only ever asks for a tankful of gas and tells us exactly what’s wrong with her using easy-to-understand, can’t-miss-em warning lights. That’s right, this Valentine’s Day we want to profess our undying love for the automobile.


Cars: They’re What We Do

Oh, 4-wheeled, gas-powered symbol of American freedom, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways…


  1. You are fully customizable from your engine to your upholstery to your paint job. Everything can be tailored to our liking.
  2. You go fast…and you can almost always be made to go faster with modifications.
  3. We understand you. You work according to the natural, unchanging laws of physics and geometry.
  4. We can fix you. There’s almost nothing that can cause damage that we can’t repair, replace or buff out.


So that may not seem like a long list, but there’s a lot packed into those four reasons we love automobiles. And it should say a lot that we love cars so much that we do them for work and for play.


Restoring cars to their pre-collision conditions and figuring out why you keep hearing that “ping” after you hit 60 mph is a great way to make a living. Every day we get to see what we were able to accomplish with our hands. And we like the challenge of figuring out what’s going wrong from your descriptions of your car’s behavior. That’s why we work at Quanz Advanced Auto Body.


But even when we’re not in the garage, we’re in the garage—building hot rods or customizing our own classic rides. And when we’re too tired for that, we’re probably watching NASCAR or flipping through the latest issue of Motor Trend.


That’s amour, no?