Why the Quality of Paint Your Auto Body Shop Uses Matters

An auto body shop may insist on OEM parts and perform quality work to restore your vehicle. But if the paint quality they use to finish the job isn’t up to par, then it may seem all for naught. Poor quality paint may be immediately noticeable, but worse yet, it may deteriorate quickly. You need top-quality paint to ensure long-lasting protection and aesthetic appeal.

High Quality vs. Low Quality Paint

By and large, paint quality has to do with the age of the paint technology. Older types of paint—i.e., acrylic lacquers—even if they provide brilliant color and flawless finish, are considered lower quality because they are thin and deteriorate quickly (especially under intense sunshine).

Newer paint types offer improved quality—more durable protection and lasting performance. Higher quality paints include:

  • Acrylic enamel
  • Waterborne paint

Although more expensive than one-coat lacquers, the upfront cost of these higher quality paints pales in comparison to the cost of continual exterior maintenance or a complete new paint job to cover chips, scratches and patches of corrosion.

Which High Quality Paint Does Quanz Use

Quanz Auto Body invests in top-quality materials to ensure the best and longest lasting results from your collision repair. When it comes to paint, we prefer the waterborne paint system. In addition to its superior performance, waterborne paint is also more environmentally friendly than acrylic alternatives. And with our computerized color matching system, we can ensure a flawless finish.

If you don’t want to take chances with your car’s paint and exterior protection but don’t want to undertake a research project either, bring your vehicle to Quanz Auto Body. We are up-front about the quality of the materials we use, the skill of our technicians and our commitment to your satisfaction. We make it better. That’s our pledge to you.