When to Consider Paintless Dent Repair

Minor fender benders might not be as stressful as full-blown collisions, but they can still cost you a pretty penny on repair costs. That’s why paintless dent repair is a good option when applicable. While only a skilled auto body tech can tell for sure whether this is the best choice for you, the following are a few questions to ask yourself when searching for help with your vehicle.

Is the Paint Job Damaged?

This one is relatively easy; when paint is compromised, paintless dent repair will not work. This process involves accessing the backside of a vehicle component and using special tools to push dents outward. While dents can still be repaired this way when paint is damaged, most car owners prefer to have their paint restored as well.

Is the Affected Area an Original Panel?

If your vehicle has been involved in a crash previously, you may already have some replacement parts. While replacement parts are a fine option to restore a vehicle, and quality repair techs will be able to match these new parts to your vehicle seamlessly, replacement components are less responsive to paintless dent repair. Access to the affected part is another issue. The harder it is to get to the damaged area of your vehicle, the less useful paintless dent repair is.

Are the Dents Particularly Large?

Paintless dent repair works best when dents are relatively small. That’s why this technique is often used to remedy hail damage, which can leave a vehicle with numerous, yet relatively small, defects. Larger dents are often harder to repair using this technique since more of the area will be impacted.

When it comes to paintless dent repair, skill and experience make all the difference to the finished product. Quanz Auto Body offers the benefit of over 40 years of experience, which our repair techs apply to jobs large and small. We’ll start by assessing the damage to your vehicle so we can make the best possible decision. And we’ll always be up front about the right option for you, so we don’t waste your time or money. We also offer other collision services, including bumper repair, body work, and towing to get you safely to our shop. Contact us today for more information about our services. Customers in Rio Rancho can also call 505-897-1955 to schedule service today.