Automotive Paintless Dent Repair

Nothing is more frustrating than coming out of the supermarket and discovering that your driver’s side door has been dinged! Gone are the days when a dent will always remain on your vehicle like a scar; we can return your car’s finish to its smooth, natural color and texture! Whether your car has large or small dents, our friendly team at Quanz Advanced Auto Care will restore it to its original appearance!

Hail Damage Car Repair

At Quanz Advanced Auto Care, we perform hail damage dent removal while working closely with your insurance company. Whether you require conventional repair (requiring paint and body work) or paintless dent removal (a technique that removes the dents without interfering with the factory finish), our experienced, certified technicians can restore your car to its original factory finish!

Paintless Dent Repair

Auto body repair for dents used to consist of time-consuming paint jobs that led to imprecise matching—leaving you with a polka-dotted, still partially-dented car. Our paintless dent auto repair techniques at Quanz Advanced Auto Care ensure that you will not be able to tell that your car’s finish was ever anything other than perfect!

Using rods and exerting pressure at strategic points on your car’s frame, we can undo the damage that has been done! Trust Quanz Advanced Auto Care for all of your dent and hail damage car repair needs! Contact us for superior service!

Our Reputation is Your Best Guarantee!

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